Do you have a crystal ball? You don't need one with Comcater predicting THE 20 HOTTEST FOODSERVICE TRENDS IN's No. 1

Posted by Stacey on 3rd Feb 2020

From our friends at Comcater, here is their first trend prediction for 2020 (see the whole list on their blog at their website Comcater)

1. Mock Meats

With the pro-vegan documentary Game Changers movie becoming water cooler talk in offices across the country late last year, and with the bushfire crisis igniting many to stop eating meat for environmental reasons, there has been huge increase in consumers opting for plant based options (even if not strictly following a vegan or vegetarian diet). Add this increased number of plant based eaters with the rise of mock meat products available, and you bet operators are going to be reviewing and re-writing their menus this year. A token meat free option of a pasta or vegetable stack isn’t going to cut it for the 2020 plant based consumer, who can instead call up Domino’s and order one of 7 different vegan pizza options including a vegan beef & onion pizza, a vegan taco fiesta and vegan loaded burger options, all at the same price one would order a regular pizza. Burger giants like Hungry Jacks are embracing the Beyond Meat franchise, which is growing at a rate usually seen in the tech industry. From a culinary standpoint, embracing plant based consumers’ sets a new and exciting challenge for chefs, who can experiment with foods and flavours and create in-house mock meat dishes such as “smoked salmon” made from watermelon or “pulled pork” tacos using jackfruits

Commercial Food Equipment QLD can source and stocks a wide range of products to assist in the production and presentation of dishes and products to cater to this trend.  With everything from colour coded cutting boards and knives to combi ovens and blast chillers, we can really supply all your food service requirements "from a teaspoon to a coldroom"